5 Things architecture students can learn from reading

Architects work almost every second, if not directly, then their subconscious works continuously. As the profession promotes constant growth and advancements, one needs to keep improving oneself to do justice with the state of flux Architecture has. And reading is one of the important tools to keep you on your toes and evolve along with evolving architecture. It will not be wrong to say that reading is a phenomenon that believes in fostering free knowledge for the entire world. Moreover, it provides plenty of other benefits that result in helping almost every single aspect of an architect’s life, from enhancing mental health to improving the thinking process to broadening the perspective, reading does it all. 

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.”

Barack Obama

1. Reading improves understanding the people, places, and society better

Every architect has their own set of experiences, which they grow their sensitivity around. Reading a project by a famous architect or reading about a biography of a gem in the architecture world stretches the vicinity of our experiences and increases our abilities to empathize with people, clients, and society. Learning about a piece that portrays a concept explaining its motives, the response it gave to the environment, and the human experience with it, not only trigger the part of your brains dedicated to improve understanding but sensitize the architect’s minds too.

2. Improves Analytical thinking

Architecture being a line of work made of a combination of art and technicality, an architect needs to be creative and logical at the same time. Reading such things enhances the analytical thinking of an architect, pushing them to perform in an artistic yet critical way. Analytical thinking is important for designing any space, to perceive any environment, and to execute any concept, so read as much as you can to improve yourself in this area.

3. Reading expands your creativity and imagination

Fiction gives us the liberty to draw a picture in our minds that is creative and imaginative, irrespective of whether it’s possible or not. And architects usually work on this principle of liberty throughout their lives, acting as visual thinkers where they imagine pictures in their minds for the world around us. Reading brushes up that thought process by boosting the mental ability to think and stimulates the imaginings.    

4. Reading is informative and broadens the perspective

Nobody can ever know everything just by their experiences, or work practice, the different dynamics of the world of architecture can certainly be broadened by reading various pieces that have been written all these years. The knowledge it imparts and the valued insights it carries result in being informative for the architects, making them aware of new and historic things that take you a step further from where you were.

5. Reading is tranquil and can distress you 

Architects work in a field where they are dominated by uncertain sleep schedules, the pressure of the deadlines, and an excess amount of stress, so finding a way to distress it all would not be a bad idea. Reading has been proven to be able to make our brains feel calm and acts like meditation. Architects should read regularly to sleep better, reduce the rate of depression, and to decrease stress levels.

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