Frequently Asked Questions

Because our goal is to focus on architecture students in our school in particular, we want to combine fun and architectural knowledge into one concept.

Through our experience as students, and because we are often all assigned the same research topic: most of the time we find that paper copies of a book have already been taken, so we want to create a digital database that enables everyone to benefit and develop themselves.

All our goods will be on our official Instagram page, contact us there to find out more

Certainly, all you have to do is communicate with us via e-mail and send what you want to add to our website, (it must be clear and understandable to everyone)… with a mention in the subject of the e-mail: (subject title – full name – semester)
After reviewing and approving it, it will be added and notified to you via an email with a discount voucher on one of our goods.

Our E-mail: