Architecture Student Guide: Presentation Boards – TIFA

Presentation boards in architecture are the final product that architecture students create to show up their projects in an organized and appealing way, If you have a great project but you can’t show it in a good manner, your project wouldn’t attract the viewers to go deeper and discover its beauty. and if you have an average project and could show it in an astonishing way, it would be worth looking by the people.

In this short e-book, we will be giving a really brief introduction about the presentation boards in architecture, how to think about them, what are their criteria? and we will check together some examples and try to understand them.


The Book Contains

✅ Orientation ✅ Layout ✅ Fonts

✅ Colors ✅ Types ✅ Backgrounds

✅ Structure ✅ Examples analysis

✅Tips and tricks and more!

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