Flat Roof Construction Manual – Klaus Sedlbauer

The indispensable guide to planning, designing, and constructing flat roofs

often described as the “fifth façade”, the flat roof is extremely popular with architects. Its essential task is to shelter the space beneath it from the elements. Beyond this, the use of flat roofs may be optimized by integrating them as green roofs, roof terraces, circulation areas, and even productive solar roofs. In practice, however, their correct and professional realization is a highly exacting task: in addition to providing the planner with basic rules of construction and design, the Flat Roof Manual also supplies an overview of the use and construction types as well as the standard assemblies for flat roofs. Together with the most important standards and bodies of regulations, construction drawings of the principal connection points round out the volume.

  • A planning primer on the construction, materials, and building physics of flat roofs
  • In-depth presentation of individual roofing layers and design types
  • Flat roofs as usable surfaces
  • Renovating flat roofs
  • With reference details for roof structures and mountings as a practical basis for planning
  • Construction approaches illustrated with built examples

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